Scaffolding That is Safe, Smart and Efficient?
The Answer is Proscaf. Here’s Why.

  • Build with confidence with this highly-engineered system. And the availability of extensive technical data means that engineering of complex structures is simplified and streamlined.
  • 3x faster to install, when compared to conventional scaffold systems.
  • In-house innovation and design, our R&D team is constantly developing and testing new system components in construction site conditions.
  • One system, many components, all manufactured under one roof.
  • Added configuration flexibility, a new level of access around a variance of obstacle and structure shapes and sizes.
  • Lead generation for gaining clients – if you are a scaffolding installer, let the use of Proscaf be your selling point and advantage over other companies.
  • On-site project support means that your Proscaf system is backed by personal expertise that helps you get the most from your system.
  • Global network of branches and dispatch points for smooth and timely delivery of all products to site.
  • Complete command over quality – the materials we choose for manufacture or assembly are scrutinised for strength, longevity for weather resistance and ease of handling, such as the high tensile aluminium or premium quality steel, which is hot dip galvanised after fabrication.
  • Compliance – we make sure that everything we supply complies to the relevant regional regulatory bodies’ requirements before making it available to the market.

The Proscaf Story

Discover the Proscaf Advantage

Save time, money and potential injury downtime, with quick installation and the ultimate in configuration flexibility. Find out more about the Proscaf advantage here.


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