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Clear Span/Bridging
Clear Span/Bridging

High-loading bearing Proscaf components, such as braces, transoms and ledgers, allows the user to design & build large clear span and bridging structures whilst achieving design efficiencies. These include pedestrian walkways, elevated and suspended working deck levels, craneable and suspended bridges, and more. VIEW HERE.

Cantilevered Scaffolds
Cantilevered/Spurred Scaffolds

The locking connection of the Proscaf wedge head, and the high-load bearing components, will allow you to build cantilevered and spurred structures with maximum efficiency. Thanks to the superior brace capacities, long span cantilevers are achievable without using any other ancillary or secondary parts or systems. VIEW HERE>.

General Facade Access
General Facade Access

Proscaf’s 8- point ring system and simple-to-use components mean that scaffold structures can be erected much quicker, and with minimal labour, when compared to traditional systems. Additionally, the engineered components allow for efficiency in design for complex façade scaffolds. VIEW MORE.

Heavy Duty Loading/Propping
Heavy Duty Loading/Propping

Proscaf is broadly used in the construction industry for heavy duty loading platforms, and propping projects.
Explore the capabilities of Proscaf for propping today. VIEW MORE.

Hanging & Craneable Structures

Using nothing more than standard Proscaf components, Proscaf can be used to build hanging and cantilevered scaffolds.
The locking wedge head connection, load bearing braces, and double-bolted standards, all make this possible. VIEW HERE.

Public Access - Stairs & Ramps
Pedestrian Ramps

The public access components available through Proscaf will add a different dimension to your client offering.
Create public access compliant ramps, stairs, walkways and more, with Proscaf & SwiftStage. VIEW HERE.

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