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Proscaf SmartBridge

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Proscaf SmartBridge

  • * Bridge large distances for temporary pedestrian access over roads, rail etc.
  • * Compatible with Proscaf system scaffold stair towers and components.
  • * Designed to achieve high load ratings at 30m+ spans.
  • * Bridge components are constructed from high tensile aluminium which has a strength to weight ratio that far exceeds steel. For example the 30mL SmartBridge pictured only weighs 3600Kg.
  • * Standard Proscaf components such as decks, ledgers and trusses are utilised within the SmartBridge allowing the use of existing stock.
  • * SmartBridge structures can be sheathed in SafeSmart’s SmartRoof system creating an all-weather cladding.
  • * Simple bolt and wedgelock connections for fast and simple assembly.
  • * Includes roofing system for efficient encapsulation and weather-proofing.
  • * Designed to be built on the ground and craned into position – minimises downtime and achieves a safer installation.
  • * Fully configurable and customisable to accommodate specific site requirements.
Proscaf SmartBridge
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