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Proscaf SmartRoof

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Proscaf SmartRoof

The SmartRoof temporary roof and wall system has been designed in consultation with scaffolding industry professionals to provide a versatile and cost-effective system for weather protection and containment of falling objects. Key features have been developed to make a scaffolding roofing solution that is stronger, lighter, and easier to install than its closest competitors.


The SmartRoof keder system allows for roof and side walls to be contained within one continuous sheet, reducing “leakage” and minimising the requirement for single-use wraps.

The modular design, compatible with both Proscaf and tube and clip scaffolding components, provides a cost-effective and truly modular solution for temporary roofing.

Supported by a standard scaffolding structure, lightweight Proscaf marine grade aluminium trusses, are joined at the apex with a specialist hip joiner to suit the area requiring cover. The unique truss beam adjustable mounts can accommodate 5 to 45 degrees of pitch.

The Ripstop Polyester 1100 Decitex Canopy easily glides through the rail system, to install the roof and walls, and an optional translucent Suntex anti-wicking canopy is also available.

The result? A reusable, no waste, temporary roof and wall system, designed in conjunction with the scaffolding industry.

Internally, workers and materials are protected from weather conditions rolling over the canopy, and any falling or flying debris is contained safely within.

SmartRoof provides re-usable debris containment and weather protection, which is modular, lightweight and quick and easy to install.

Proscaf SmartRoof
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