About the Manufacturer and Designers of Proscaf

From Solid Origins.

Proscaf have been serving several industries who require effective and complaint temporary height access products for decades.

From custom-designed and fabricated work platforms, steps, stairs and more, Proscaf puts efficiency and safety at the centre of all projects and subsequent designs that solve even the most challenging height access issues.

In the scaffolding space, Proscaf has supplied thousands of tonnes of Proscaf to clients who have worked on some of the biggest projects in the world, in construction, infrastructure, transport and the like.

What We See, What We Solve, How We Evolve.

For many years, Proscaf's in-house engineers, systems designers and in-the-field representatives have been gathering data from scaffolders and end clients regarding what can be done to make scaffolding safer and more efficient. This is the first stage in the development of Proscaf system components. It is a system designed with practical real-world solutions in mind.

Enter: Proscaf.

Proscaf's bolt-free rosette allows installation to be done by far fewer personnel, and 8 connections on each level (four fixed and four at variable angles) make the system compatible with complex structures. But that's only the beginning. Read more about the Proscaf Advantage here.


A Partner in Success.

Around the world, Proscaf's supply of Proscaf to scaffolding businesses has become a valuable asset to their service offering. That is, the efficiency and design versatility of Proscaf allows them to offer better solutions to their clients.

Further to the supply of Proscaf equipment, Proscaf becomes your business partner; our design support team assists with project design, our sales support team will work with yours to present to your clients and help win projects for you, and our despatch team is primed to send Proscaf as quickly as possible to your site.

Compliance Guaranteed.

At Proscaf, we understand regulatory compliance matters in every region we supply to. All Proscaf components are design-registered or certified as compliant with all safety and scaffolding-related regulations and standards, such as ISO:9001, AS/NZ1576 and AS/NZS1577. The system is registered with Workcover in Australia, and other equivalent peak bodies around the world. To see if Proscaf is registered in your region, get in touch with us now.

Add to this, independent component testing and technical data packs supplied for engineers' specification and design on a project, and Proscaf becomes the premier choice for companies who want to grow their business based on trust, performance and professionalism.