The Wairoa District Council is responsible for the maintenance of around 830km of roads around the district. The local Infrastructure Services Contractor had a challenge getting access to the underside of the large bridge for maintenance work without building off the riverbed or using a labour-intensive swinging stage system. They also needed to eliminate the risk of debris falling into the river below.

This project required a 4.5kN platform the full length and width of the bridge to allow workers to waterjet and repaint the steelwork. Wairoa District Council, in conjunction with the scaffold contractor Protrade, selected Proscaf as the most efficient system to use to complete the project.

A support structure was built on the bridge, with Proscaf standards hanging off the concrete bridge beams.

Aluminium trusses were used to span the underside of the bridge, with Proscaf tubular planks locked onto the top chord, providing a seamless working platform. Blastclad containment sheeting was specified as environmental protection, lining the scaffold to capture the debris from the restoration work.

The project was completed safely, efficiently and ahead of schedule.

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