Designed by MAKE in collaboration with Architectus and created by Multiplex, the refurbishment of Shell House and 285 George Street will see both heritage properties returned to their original use as office buildings creating 9,400 square metres of combined boutique office space.

The heritage services contractor for the Shell House part of the project, Traditional Stonemasonry, required access over a block wall and ledge on the top of the building, to get down to the face of the building and install stone blocks. The sensitive nature of the project and large loads imposed by the scaffold meant that Proscaf was the ideal system to use - minimal gear was required to create a safe, efficient solution.

Working with the scaffold contractor and client, SafeSmart coordinated the design, engineering and install methodology, including step-by-step presentations to the client's high-risk work committee, to ensure to project was hassle free and ran ahead of schedule.

Proscaf was used to create a series of cantilevered drop scaffolds, providing stair access and a work platform to the outside of the building. Rostrums were built and chained to the slab, and then the cantilever sections twin wedged and built out and down over the edge of the building.

The superior strength of Proscaf braces came into play - the scaffold was incredibly solid, without a ladder beam or lattice girder in sight. These modules were relocated multiple times by the scaffolding contractor (all done at night) to gain access to all affected areas of the building.

This included an additional two bay cantilever off the side of the drop scaffold to access underneath the clock tower on Shell House. All design, and the build methodology, was coordinated in house by SafeSmart - making the job relatively simple for the scaffold contractor!

The client mentioned, “We were amazed by the stability of the scaffold - it was more solid than any other scaffold that had been built over the course of the project, and easily the most complex! The ease and speed of install of the Proscaf system was very impressive, coupled with the professionalism of the scaffold crew that carried it out.”

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